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Seraphinite Slice 8

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Seraphinite Slice

Weighs 49.2 grams
Measures 65mm x 65mm x 5mm

The ‘Stone of Consciousness’, takes the being on a journey into the many states of consciousness, allowing an understanding of how deep this actually goes, how much more wisdom there is to gain access too. 

“There is much more than what the eye’s can see, what the hand’s can touch, there is more than physical reality” 

Seraphinitehelps one to explore different states of consciousness with safety and guidance. This is a stone to encourage spiritual awakening, and helps to also awaken hidden psychic ability. 

A stone to give access to angelic communication, this is on a very deep and spiritual level. The communication’s are with purity and with clarity. 

“Seraphiniteis a gift from the Angelic being to the Physical being” 

Seraphiniteis a fantastic Ascension stone, this stone is a perfect companion to all being’s on journey’s of spiritual awakening, of enlightenment. 

This stone is beneficial to the being who has entered a stage of “not knowing”, where the being has become troubled in which direction to follow next. Also in helping change a negative outlook to a more positive and lightened one. 

Seraphiniteinstantly lifts a heavy aura and brings an energy shift, raising all awareness and all senses - this is with every being who comes into contact with Seraphiniteeven if it is not used and continued further in exploring the consciousness. 

An amazing offering of Seraphinite, is that it truly does open the hearing sense to a stage of none “physical” sound. Seraphinitework’s wonder’s with the being who is learning to use the Clairaudiencesense. 

Seraphinitehelps one to heal insecurities, bringing one to an understanding that life does not just stop in physical surrounding. It continues to something much more beautiful and peaceful. 

“There is no such reality as being alone, or unloved. The being is as One with all other beings, with all that is physical, with all that is not, you are as I, as I am as you, we are as One” 

Also a stone to put a stop to jealousy and rivalry, bringing a teaching that to be envious of others can be healthy and used positively, but it is often not this way, Seraphinitebrings assistance here in opening the mind and heart of the being to a more stable and accepting state. 

“At the time when it is not to be, if one can walk away peacefully, one has gained wisdom” 

Seraphinitehas a lot to teach and a lot more yet to be discovered, this is a stone to add to the Ascension family. It’s offerings need not be underestimated. 

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