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Serpentine in Obsidian (Mahogany)

The 'Stone of the Heart & Soul', helps to bring out into the open what about, and within the self can benefit from being explored, as well helping the soul on its journey towards finding and recognising rightful wisdom.

Serpentine in Obsidian helps highlight what needs to be looked at about the self, it is in the heart that the being knows the truth, where the battle of denial and changes eventually takes place. It is the heart that the being releases what is not needed to ignite the flames of passion for forward stepping in life.

A stone that also helps the soul on its journey in seeing, understanding and accepting what is of importance and what is not in the process of gaining wisdom. Serpentine helps the soul shine and strengthen, to connect with Divine nature. This then helps create a better and more positive future for oneself and those all around who can benefit from such beauty.

Serpentine in Obsidian stimulates the beings energy vibration rate, encouraging the mind and heart to open up to the need for reflection. This reflection can be in many areas of life, yet Serpentine helps one to understand what is being reflected upon and why.

A stone that is fast working. It removes that of negative nature and brings encouragement, focus and vibrancy in the steps forward. Alongside this, Serpentine in Obsidian is a stone not only encourages reflection, it also helps one to recognise when Divine intervention has taken place. Bringing a new door of spiritual learning, raised awareness, a new and positive outlook from the very moment of recognition.

This is a stone to provoke the mind into looking at where one may have negative patterns in life, and also where one may be in denial. Serpentine in Obsidian is a preventative in the habit of looking back at un-needed memories or un-needed situations that can trigger or continue un-healthy ways.

A stone to bring closure to such cases, breaking through negative barriers and vicious circles. Serpentine in Obsidian continues its journey forward at all times, only stopping to close and seal what is no longer needed in life.

Also a stone that has direct connection with the Gods and Goddesses. Helping one to open up to that of Divine nature, and to strengthen the already awakened bond. Serpentine in Obsidian brings a sense of vibrancy, a spark of life, an encouragement and confidence to move forward. A stone that is full of life, it is a guide to one finally breaking out of stagnant energies and stagnant life situations. 

Serpentine in Obsidian has a highly spiritual energy, having this stone close by is just like having a spirit guardian in physical form, giving guidance, support and helping one to gain highly evolved wisdom.

This stone is most definitely a stone to have as a helper in Divine communication, such as in prayer or where blessings are called upon, bringing a clear sense of peace, acknowledgment and serenity.

Serpentine in Obsidian stores life's happenings very well indeed, his gives the meaningful opportunity for this stone to be used in meditational practice to gain knowledge into all that is past, in order to bring back wisdom.

Also a stone to bring courage and strength, to give confidence in new creative ideas and to future goals. Use Serpentine in Obsidian to bring a burning flame of passion at times when one needs to be quick thinking to idea and planning, as well as helping one to bring ones own life ideas and goals alive.

Serpentine in Obsidian helps to break through stubborn natured personalities and also helps the being with heightened anger, to curb it and release it in a non-destructive manner, bringing closure without the risk of trapped negative energy.

A stone to use when one feels weakened, over powered, belittled, afraid, anxious or nervous. Serpentine in Obsidian protects, grounds, gives courage and brings a sense of inner and outer safety.

Also a stone to bring a sense of peace to the anxious and worried being, soothing the wary soul and the tender heart. Serpentine in Obsidian is beneficial to the new mother, helping to stabilise hormone levels so that both mother and baby gain the best possible chance of good health, deep nutrients and infinite bonding.

Serpentine in Obsidian is a stone to keep as a talisman for those who face long journeys ahead, in order to encourage blessings to always be available when they are truly needed. 

Katie Jacqueline - September 2009



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Serpentine in Obsidian

Product Code TS 192