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Shamanic Dream Crystal

Weighs 50.6 grams
Measures 50mm x 30mm 

Shamanic Dream Crystals (AKA Lodolite) are excellent tools for developing your daydreaming and Shamanic clairvoyance skills. Shamans have also been known to use these wonderful crystals for visionary journeys to assist the healings for others.
Shamanic Dream Crystals have all the remarkable qualities of clear quartz with the additional vibrations of their different inclusions.
 “Lodolite” comes from the Greek language, translating to “muddy stone”. These Shamanic Dream Crystals come from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. 

Shamanic Dream Crystals are very temperate, soft and gentle which make them a ideal crystal for scrying, lucid dreaming, meditation, and  Shamanic journeying. Alternatively just use it for daydreaming. Shamanic Dream Crystals act like a portal into other dimensions. Please ensure that you are well grounded before you experiment.
Shamanic Dream Crystals have also been called Garden, Landscape or Scenic Quartz, this example has been top polished to show the Lodolite.


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MIS 596

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Product Code MIS 596