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Shiva Lingam
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ABOUT Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam 

The 'Stone of Universal Connectedness', supports the being in having a healthy and balanced connection with the self, and with all that is surrounding in its many forms.
Shiva Lingam encourages the being to forge a greater connection from the self to the Universe. This stone teaches of the greatness contained within such a connection, and of its many benefits.
Shiva Lingam brings forth feelings of settlement and contentment. A stone that encourages natural and healthy living, as well as helping the being to recognise connections to and from the self, to that which is within and all around. Such recognition can be very helpful with self-awareness and emotional healing.
Also, this stone helps to gently ground the being overall, but can be called upon when grounding is needed quickly and efficiently. Shiva Lingam can help to settle frayed and straying emotions. It is a stone that helps the being to become content from within, whether with the self, or with surroundings.
Shiva Lingam opens the being up to recognition of the beauty and wisdom of the Universe. It is a stone that teaches of the Universes vastness, offerings, qualities and creations.
Alongside this, Shiva Lingam helps those on spiritual journeys by showing that this is not just a journey of what it above, it is also a journey of what is below. This stone encourages finding a healthy balance when spiritual awakening is on course.
A stone that brings awareness of the connectedness from one being to another. Shiva Lingam removes the differences such as beliefs, religion, and race. This stone teaches how all forms of life are connected in one way or another, encouraging this to be universally respected without further judgement.
Shiva Lingam resonates with the Crown, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root energy centres. This stone will help to bring balance and harmony to these areas, as well as helping to better connect the physical self to the spiritual self.
Also, Shiva Lingam can help to combat disorders and abnormalities of the blood cells, balance all vitamin and mineral levels within the body (especially Zinc, Iron and Magnesium), increases both male and female fertility, as well as restoring healthy sexual desire.
This is a stone that can bring connectedness and harmony between the male and female sexes, but also within the male and female sides to the self.