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Smokey Obsidian Angel 5

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Smokey Obsidian Angel

Stands 50 mm high
Weighs 21.9 grams

In which ever way Angels are known, there are ways in which you can communicate and work with them for yourselves and others around you.

For many years now they have been spoken about in most areas of life and it is said they can be called for those who are in need, even if just for comfort.

Some of the ways to call upon them are; Just thinking quietly to yourself sending the thoughts out to the Angels. Writing down messages for them (it is handy to have a little notebook personally for Angel communication).. If you feel comfortable, you can just call out to the Angels with your message..

Some people have reported just having a sense they have been heard by the Angels, while others feel that they have had signs through life from Angels, just to show they are present and listening.

Having a figure or picture of an Angel of your own, can be of great comfort and almost make you and others feel safer or just more light-hearted.

Sometimes the figure of an Angel can be made more special by containing beneficial qualities to be of use to the keeper of the Angel, or if given as a gift to somebody else can be of use to them.

However you or others relate to Angels, just too possibly have a thought they actually are there and willing to help, can be a great comfort in many ways.

Smoky Obsidian
The 'Stone of Removal', holding deep set energies that assist in the removal of smog within the energy centres and the layers of the auric field.
Obsidian is a very secure and stable stone with its energy. It is like both the Mother and the Father in its role, knowing exactly where to use its offerings, and how best to help. A stone that works very well in shifting negativity and energy blockages, alongside its ability to remove the same thing from the being in life itself, whether on an physical, emotional or mental level. Obsidian does differ in its forms, yet it still contains the same undertones. 
Smoky Obsidian breaks through this smog, clearing away any negative build up of energy and helping to seal areas of leakage and weak spots. It is a stone that works on a fast rate and continues this process until the repair is fully completed.
Also a stone that makes a beneficial protection talisman, to ward off negative energy entities and negative intent. Alongside this, Smoky Obsidian protects against attacks from energy vampires and emotional feeders. Another helpful offering here is that this stone can be used in emergencies where an energy attack has taken place, helping to remove emotional attachments from the energy centres and seal areas of the auric layers which proved to be weak.
Smoky Obsidian is beneficial in helping keep the being grounded, to be in the here and now. especially good during deep meditational practice where a limit needs to be set in order to control the state level of the physical and astral being, as well as the change in the bodies vibrational rate. Smoky Obsidian will naturally assist its keeper to the correct state levels during meditation and help keep stability and grounding.
Alongside this, Smoky Obsidian is a very good stone to help one remove barriers to forward communication to spirit guides. This stone will act as a gatekeeper to such spirit communications. Because of this offering, Smoky Obsidian can also be beneficial to light workers, helping to remove threat of negative energy forms.
This stone energies act as a repellent to negative energies of different kinds, as well as blocking energy attachments which have not been created by a physical being.
A stone that holds a strong memory library capable of storing many teachings and wisdom. Smoky Obsidian is an excellent stone for use in purposely storing records of information that can be passed through many generations of time, channeller to channeller, for use on the Earth plane.
Smoky Obsidian can help ease aching, pain and discomfort, as well as being helpful in the easing of Arthritis, tension, stress, anxiety and nervousness. Use Smoky Obsidian to ease away menstrual discomfort; this is best done by keeping close to the lower abdomen. Also, this stone can help to curb insomnia and quieten a noisy mind.
"I am a watcher, a protector, a keeper and a giver. I am your teacher as you are as mine, you shall learn as I shall learn, we are as One source"


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