Sonora Sunrise (5)

Sonora Sunrise also allows us to speak the truth from our heart.
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Sonora Sunrise

Weighs 25.6 Grams
Measures 35mm x 20mm x 10mm

The properties of Sonora Sunrise combine the energies of cuprite, which is a copper oxide, and chrysocolla, which is a copper silicate,into a wonderfully healing crystal that will aid humanity in these trying times. Sonora Sunrise is a very distinctive crystal with some vivid colors.
The vibrations of Sonora Sunrise connects the throat, and sacral chakras. In addition Sonora Sunrise  opens and strengthens the base chakra so that we may feel safe in our physical body, it helps 'life force' energy to flow freely through all the chakras so that our entire physical frequency is raised. Sonora Sunrise also helps to strength the etheric body, this keeps you physically, mentally and emotionally strong.
Sonora Sunrise assists in helping you to have the courage required to increases your creative energies and will help with the releasing of stress, anxiety and fear.
Sonora Sunrise also allows us to speak the truth from our heart.
Use Sonora Sunrise by carrying it with you, and use during meditation or on the chakra most effected by fear.
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