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Weighs 13.1 grams
Measures 35mm x 30mm x 5mm


The ‘Stone of Fulfilment’, brings forth encouragement for one to fulfil the highest of hopes to the dearest of dreams. 

Spectrolite helps to instil a sparkle of light within all of its keepers. It is a stone that further opens the mind, body and spirit to soar with enthusiasm for a better self, an enlightened self. 

This stone helps to take away fear of the unknown and fear of challenges. It teaches one to see such times as a part of growing, a part of living and learning. 

Spectrolite helps one to be true to oneself while being true to others. It is a stone that encourages one to see hidden beauty, hidden happiness and joy. To see the hidden life that is all around and within. 

This is a stone that brings forth courage to oneself in order to step further into turning hopes and dreams into reality. Spectrolite supports one during such times of fulfilment, in the highest good of oneself and all. 

Spectrolite can be kept close to infuse ones own aura with particles of energy that strongly deflect away outer negative energies. Such particles of energy shall build up gradually, and this may be recognised as an overall feeling of uplifted health and the attraction of more positive outer influences. 

A stone that can help to clear away negative thought and negative attitudes on life. Spectrolite encourages one to be more appreciative of oneself, of others and of life itself.

This stone helps to remove feelings of stagnancy or being stuck in life. It can clear away negative or heavy energy build up within or in outer atmospheres. Spectrolite supports and guides where one may feel lost or trapped as though life is not moving forward or getting any better.  

“I shall help to light the way, but it shall be oneself who finds the way” 





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RHV 112

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Product Code: RHV 112