Stichtite, White Topaz & Amethyst Pendant 1

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Stichtite, White Topaz & Amethyst Pendant​​​​​​​

Weighs 9.2 grams

Measures 55mm including the bail.

The 'Stone of Secret Lands', holding a mystical energy that has many secrets to show and tell its keeper. Stichtite resonates well with the Third eye and Crown centres. This stone will work with these centres to help self dreams of secret lands, hidden worlds and spiritual realms to be brought into reach.A stone to show that what is often said as mythical and mystical, that often only seen in fairy tales, can actually be awoken from within oneself and explored.Stichtite helps the being to see past that of physical reality, helping in the gaining of knowledge from such spiritual lands, this in turn bringing forth a new light on life itself.A stone that can be a bit of a surreal and floaty at times, as it takes the being into those fairy tale dreams so easily. It is wise to ground oneself on coming back into the physical realm.Stichtite will greatly increase the Third eye vision to allow its keeper to create door ways to spiritual realms and knowledge connected to Spirit guides, Angelic beings and Ascended masters.A very good stone for spiritual teachers, especially those who create writings and arts from spirit to allow the student to learn and have a vision of what's available to themselves on learning to open up the Third eye and Crown centres.Stichtite is a good stone for the beings who follow the Pagan way, also those who are close to the way of nature spirits, as well as beings who have a fondness of unicorn and mermaid life.​​​​​​​

Alongside this, Stichtite works to bring back the sparkle and light in any being, as well as encouraging enthusiasm and positivism for living a happy and enlightened life ahead.Stichtite is a mesmerizing stone that although can be used with any being, it may be wise for those who are new in learning spiritually, to clearly have an understanding of grounding the self.​​​​​​​

White Topaz Topaz is a beautiful stone, it is soothing, healing and lifting in its offerings. It is a stone that feels its keeper and works where it is needed most, at its best. Topaz strives to help its keeper in as many ways as possible; emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually. This stone sends out a clear message that it is here to love, to help and to heal. In its different forms it does have differing offerings, yet with the same undertones.​​​​​​​

it is suggested that Amethyst is here to teach us humility, spirituality and contentment.
It is also good as a Auric cleanser, balances energies of the intellectual, emotional & physical bodies, amplifies healing energies, reduces tension & headaches.

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