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Stone of Divination 1

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Stone of Divination

A Quartz crystal with a pink hue from the Himalayas.

Weighs 83.9 grams
Measures 90mm x 25mm

The 'Stone of Divination', works on opening up the beings higher energy centres, with the hope of not only improving spiritual awareness, but also leading and improving Divine communication.

Quartz overall is a high vibrational stone with a very pure and self-adjusting energy. It works on the whole of the being, the whole of an atmosphere and widely strengthens the energy output of other crystals and minerals. It is a stone mainly in its clear pure form that can be called upon when seemingly all else fails, or when there is confusion of what other crystal or mineral to connect with. In its different forms it does have differing offerings, yet with the same undertones.
The Stone of Divination is not only a tool for the being to open themselves up to Divine communication, it is also a tool itself that can be used for scrying and other Divination practices.
This stone can pin-point areas of the self that may benefit from healing, improving or cleansing. It encourages self-awareness and can act as a mirror to the inner self if gazed upon, or called upon for assistance.
The Stone of Divination can help the being to let go of the old that is no longer necessary, and to move into the new. A stone that encourages the being to rise above negativity, washing it way with showers of positivism.
This is a stone that works on opening up the inner senses of the being. It can bring clarity to those already opened, whilst making sure that higher guidance can always come through, every step of the way.
The Stone of Divination gives answer and guidance in the most suitable way at the time of consulting. It is a stone that works with that of light, and that of truth, only.
A stone that holds open channels from itself to high realms, yet it is so very calm and steady in its own energy. This is a stone that ensures clarity of communication.
The Stone of Divination will mould itself to it's keeper. It will remove the sense of its physical self, leaving only its pure and light filled energy force. This is a very universal stone and will work in the best way possible to suit its keeper and its call.
Also, the Stone of Divination can be recognised as a channel between different worlds and different energy forms. This can make it helpful as an 'interpreter' where communications make come through that at first are not in a recognised language, that are often down to the difference in vibratory rates.
 A stone that encourages the being to remove the any thoughts of entrapment by physical boundaries, such as the physical body. The Stone of Divination allows the being to stay grounded and connected to where residence currently is at the time, but teaches how the inner self can have freedom.
This is a wise stone to act as support and guide on journeys of Ascension. It is also a stone that does not absorb anything along the way as usually expected, more it just continues its 'give and take', too and from the higher realms.
The Stone of Divination can be used to focus healing to the needed area, and can be especially helpful when used with crystal healing. A stone that can also be very beneficial in a wand form, and also when used with technology, such as a being a transducer, and with that which needs absolute precision such as time pieces, sensory pieces and lasers.
The Stone of Divination supports the bodies atoms, and can regulate where it is needed.
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