Stone of Solidarity 14

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Stone of Solidarity

Weighs 24 Grams
Measures 30mm x 20mm 

The 'Stone of Solidarity', helps to bring beings together that have a likeness to one another, also helping to build bridges between one and another, while reminding of patience and empathy.
The Stone of Solidarity opens the soul to allowance of joining with other beings that have similarities in numerous ways, and that can also be of benefit to one another.
This is a stone that supports positive group forming, new friendships and the bettering of relationships. The Stone of Solidarity teaches the being the importance of building bridges between one another, while also reminding of the benefits and nurturing that can come from this.
A stone to bring about a more opened mind state, and a more empathic self; helping the being to rise above negative judgement and negative criticism, whether from other beings, or given out from the self.
The Stone of Solidarity encourages the being to be in relationships and friendships, with respect, honesty and trust. Also a stone that helps the being to see another being from within themselves, to not 'judge a book by its cover'.
This stone softens angry emotions and can be very good in cooling hot tempers. It is also a stone that can bring forth an awareness when the being is putting anger and unjustifiable behaviour, out towards others.
The Stone of Solidarity can help the being to speak and act with knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Resonating well with the body's minor and major energy centres, this stone encourages the being to work with the benefit that each centre can bring, when kept in harmony with one another.
A stone that strives to bring recognition and connection to that of Divine source. The Stone of Solidarity encourages and supports the being in integrating such recognition and connection into the self, as well as into daily living. It is a stone that brings awareness of the fine veil between the physical realms to the spiritual realms, while teaching the being to actively, safely and positively become in harmony with this for a more enlightened life ahead.
The Stone of Solidarity works to raise conscious awareness. It is a stone that supports spiritual awakening, and ascension. Also, this stone infuses the physical and etheric self with light energies, helping to raise the body's vibrational rate, as well as helping to align the physical and etheric self overall.
The Stone of Solidarity acts as a mirror. It will deflect away that of negative nature, infusing it with love and light, and then sending it away to be neutralised. A stone that gives strong protection from potentially harmful amounts of electro-magnetic energies, yet will allow that which is of no threat, including its own output. This offering makes it a useful stone for gridding or keeping as an amulet or talisman.
A stone that is very pure and fine in its output, making it very beneficial in communications with the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters, as well as in gaining a crisp and clear energy within an area, and within the self and the aura.
The Stone of Solidarity is very helpful for fresh starts and new beginnings. It infuses all that is in the present, with light and positivism, giving great opportunity for a more fruitful and enlightened path ahead.
On a healing level, this stone can ease the effects of depression; lifting away negative feeling and thought, as well as breaking negative patterns that include those such as self-harming and self-abuse.
The Stone of Solidarity can help the being to overcome social fears, anxiety, distress and worry. It is a stone that brings soothing and a sense of tranquillity a such times, which can be felt deep within the soul.
Also, this stone eases pain and discomfort on any level of the being, improves the immune system, helps the body to correct and harmonise any area of itself that are out of synch or malfunctioning, and helps to bring down a high temperature.
The Stone of Solidarity can bring peace and stillness to a troubled mind, as well as deep relaxation to the body. It can also be very helpful in clearing up erratic sleep patterns, bringing them to a more healthy state.
A stone that encourages the body to oxygenate itself as needed, as well better its hydration process. Alongside this, the Stone of Solidarity can help to bring back clarity and radiance to the mind, body and spirit. This can be noticed not only as improved energy levels, but also in ways such as clear thinking, better concentration and improved skin health.
The Stone of Solidarity clarifies the mind, helps to harmonise the body, and lifts the spirit.
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