Strombolite 7

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Strombolite  is also known as Spurrite.
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Weighs 9.45 grams
​​​​​​​Measures 15mm x 10mm

this crystal encourages you to "always see the bright side of life", laugh more and just enjoy your time on this planet.


This is a magical crystal that assists in the manifestation of creation. It redirects thought and emotional energies into what you want to happen.

It encourages good humor and optimism, having a comforting vibration, that helps you to deal with whatever arises.

This stone encourages you to feel, regardless of whatever is happening in your life, there is a reason for it to happen and that it is just meant to be.

It supports your feelings and helps you to understand more easily that "this is just temporary and will pass".

It helps you to realise, that the situation that is happening, is often temporary and you will get over it and it may help you to find the silver lining of the cloud.

It is centering and grounding yet uplifting. A very positive and protective stone and aligns with the storm element. Strombolite strengthens telepathic and psychic abilities and protects during astral travel or shamanic journeying.

Strombolite  is also known as Spurrite.

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