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Sugilite (Natural) 4

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Weighs 18.6 grams

Measures 30mm x 20mm x 10mm


The ‘Stone of Guidance’, hold’s a safe and balancing energy that is beneficial in the treatment of shock and also in helping to find a balance when sudden changes have taken place in life. 

Sugilite help’s sooth and stop the affect’s of shock and trauma, helping one to understand the situation and find a grounding. 

This is a stone that is very beneficial at times where life has taken a sudden turn around, a sudden change that can cause stress and feeling of loss of control. Sugilite brings in balance and guidance then clears the mind so that one can understand and think before taking any possible action. 

Sugilite also helps in the settling of stirred and raw emotion due to separation’s whether in relationship’s or between family member’s. A stone to seal broken end’s and help one to let go of anger, resentment or just sadness, in a healthy manner. 

Also a stone to help communication stay neutral and clear in situations where tension has risen. 

Sugilite encourages one to use passed wisdom to face hurdle’s and awkward or troubling time’s in life, awakening the wisdom that many often “forget” or over see due to misunderstanding or life’s fast pace. 

Spiritual guidance is enhanced and the channel for such communication is made clearer by keeping Sugilite close by, to bond with and learn from its energies until the time come’s to manage this without a helper. 

Sugilite make’s a very remarkable palm or finger stone, often also called a worry stone. This stone work’s closely and bond’s strongly with all being’s. Use this stone to curb a temper and reduce anger. 

A very good stone to use in chakra treatment, Sugilite repair’s ‘leaks’ within the chakra’s and help’s in alignment.

“Guidance is always at hand, it is when one accepts this guidance that a hurdle has most definitely been overcome”

This stone brings about the connection between well being of the mind and well being of the body. Provides a flow and opens chakra's from the crown to the base allowing movement of the kundalini. Protects against the harsh realities of this world, eliminates hostility, anger & jealousy. For discouragement or despair, place on the third eye. Chose for headaches a piece containing black manganese and hold to the head allowing the negative energy to be released onto the manganese.

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