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Tangerine Quartz Pendant 10

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Tangerine Quartz Pendant

Weighs 1.8 Grams
Measures 25mm including the bail

Tangerine Quartz
The 'Sacral Stone', perfectly created for the benefit of the Sacral energy centre, to bring a "medicine" in whatever way it is needed, onwards forming a connection with the Crown energy centre to gain knowledge in correcting and using the Sacral centre to the best of its ability.  
Quartz overall is a high vibrational stone with a very pure and self-adjusting energy. It works on the whole of the being, the whole of an atmosphere and widely strengthens the energy output of other crystals and minerals. It is a stone mainly in its clear pure form that can be called upon when seemingly all else fails, or when there is confusion of what other crystal or mineral to connect with. In its different forms it does have differing offerings, yet with the same undertones.  
Tangerine Quartz is a powerful stone; its energies are energetic and uplifting to the Spirit. The Sacral energy centre is a magnet to the offerings of Tangerine Quartz, conjoining and working in harmony.  
The Sacral centre is a powerful energy centre and can often be subject to upset and demand. Tangerine Quartz gives benefit not only by helping to correct any unbalances, but also helping to bring a clear straight connection to the Crown energy centre. It is here where one is able to gain higher knowledge and assistance to keep the Sacral centre healthy and working well.  
Tangerine Quartz brings a sense of joy to daily life, helping one to break out of the same low pattern of feeling and thought that often can be attached to an ever continuing circle of happenings, where life has become a job or a task, creating obvious stagnancy.  
"Like a ray of sunshine, a ray of Divine light, an angels touch to the soul, one shall feel life’s beauty and wisdom once again"  
Tangerine Quartz is a stone that is very good to start ones day off, helping to awaken and give fresh start, removing sluggishness and low depleted energy. Also a very good stone to use in stimulation the mind and Crown energy centre to gain higher assistance in situations where it is needed to reduce stress, work struggles and confusion.  
A stone that helps to bring back zest, a spring in ones step and a sparkle to the eye. Tangerine Quartz is a beneficial stone in attracting that of positive nature, as well as helping what is of positive nature to shine through from oneself.  
Tangerine Quartz encourages one to bring improvement to both physical health and spiritual health. Bringing them together to work in harmony and balance, therefore creating a better outlook and a lighter vision on life.  
This is a stone that brings food for thought, food for the spirit. Tangerine Quartz opens one to seeing there is more to life, once this spark is set off, a new journey begins, the spirit is being set free.    
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