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Tantalite (1)

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Weighs 36.8 grams
Measures 30mm x 20mm
The ‘Stone of Foundation’, guides and supports the being at times of decision making and foundation setting for the future.
 It is a stone that helps to ease away such thought that contains poor or wrongful judgement as well as thought that contains different types of negativity.
This stone teaches the being to not go to deep into the waters to soon. Tantalite can’t and won’t stop such happenings taking place, but it is a stone that works well at trying to guide in the right direction.
A stone that is beneficial in stopping greed and obsession. It can curb such appetites well, and can be a worthy stone to keep around where there are money, property or business matters at hand.
Tantalite is useful to be applied as a pressure point stone for positive outcome, like that of acupuncture or acupressure and alike.
This is a stone can be used to sooth sore and painful areas of the body by gently rubbing it over a specific area.
Tantalite can help to restore the balance within the bodies energy field, and can be very beneficial in clearing upset experienced by the being where a cause just cannot be found. Keep at least two to three pieces close to the body for this until symptoms subside and comfort is found again.
A very good stone to ease away feelings of sickness and being off balance. Tantalite can help bring back stability and balance to the mind after shock to the bodies system. Also a stone that can help the body to clear away chemical intoxication, and be used in areas where their has been a release of chemical substance that needs to be cleared, as well as a making a good protector from chemical threat to both the being and planetary areas.
Tantalite placed around the home can help form more grounded, balanced and stable foundations for all of the family, children to adults. Alongside this, Tantalite is very helpful to calm hyperactivity and stabilising unpredictable behaviour. 
Tantalite is black to brown in both colour and streak. Manganese rich Tantalites can be brown and translucent. Tantalite has been found in Namibia, Nigeria, Canada, Madagascar, northern Europe, and in the United States. Brazil has the world's largest reserve of tantalite (52.1%). As at 2006, 75% of world tantalite production comes from Australia.
Tantalite is used as an ore of tantalum and niobium and as mineral specimens and occurs in pegmatites. This particular example is from Brasil
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