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Tanzine Aura Pendant 1

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Tanzine Aura Pendant

Weighs 5.9 grams

Measures 50mm including the bail.

Tanzine Aura has been treated with Gold and Indium.

The ‘Dream Stone‘, a beautiful, alluring and ever deepening energy that brings adventure and fulfilment within and the minds most intriguing and fascinating dream journeys.   

Quartz overall is a high vibrational stone with a very pure and self-adjusting energy. It works on the whole of the being, the whole of an atmosphere and widely strengthens the energy output of other crystals and minerals. It is a stone mainly in its clear pure form that can be called upon when seemingly all else fails, or when there is confusion of what other crystal or mineral to connect with. In its different forms it does have differing offerings, yet with the same undertones.

Tanzine Aura is the dream gate opener, this stone helps the being to look into dreams and experience beauty, wisdom and freedom of the mind, body and spirit.  A stone that gently induces lucid dreaming and brings forth positive blessings from within such dream states.
Tanzine Aura also helps the being to connect to the Third eye centre while within the dream state, so that knowledge and enlightenment can also be gained from one of the deepest mind states; the dream state. 

With growth of the spiritual self, this stone is helpful in then connecting the third eye centre to the crown centre during the dream state, so that over time, the being can then begin to bring such a connection into day to day life in a positive and enlightening manner. 
“I shall be your giver to the reality of dreams, I shall be your keeper to the reality of life”. 
Also a stone to gently but surely raise the bodies vibrational rate, as well as bringing the Auric field to a more pure and lightened state, that of the “Angel’s touch”. 
Tanzine Aura is very beneficial for the being who works and communicates closely with the angelic realms, helping to create a clear and pure connection, as well as bringing the beings own self energy to a more suitable one for angelic awareness. 

This stone is beneficial for those who wish to connect with nature spirits and nature wisdom. Tanzine Aura is a key for such an awakening, from the very bottom of the Earth, to the very tops of the skies, this stone really is the key to these doors yet to be opened by so many. 

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