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The Stone of Surfacing 8

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The Stone of Surfacing

Weighs 67.7 grams
Measures 40mm x 30mm

The Stone of Surfacing, gives the being a gentle stir, helping to bring that which needs recognition, to the surface.
This stone is caring with its keeper, although it leaves nothing amiss. All that could be of use, whether for healing, learning or integrating into life, will be gently brought to the surface.
The Stone of Surfacing can be very helpful and supportive during the journey of ‘finding oneself’, as well for turning life into a more positive and nurturing experience.
This stone encourages the being to look within the self, not just at all the positive attributes, but also at things that could benefit from healing or being released and let go of.
The Stone of Surfacing helps the being to review and break negative and destructive patterns and behaviours. It is a stone that works to teach the brain to flow with goodness.
Where there needs to be the creation and setting of regulations, rules, guidelines and promises, this stone can make a very helpful guide to ensure all is done with a fair and grounded mind.
The Stone of Surfacing helps to open the mind to possibilities and ideas. It teaches the being not to ignore dreams, intuition or synchronicity, as they are all connections with the higher-self.
This stone can be helpful for clearing a cluttered mind and energetic grounding, as well as for stabilising erratic emotions and thoughts.
The Stone of Surfacing balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, alongside helping to ease a range of neurological conditions, including Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
Alongside this, the Stone of Surfacing can also help bring calm and support to beings that process the world differently, such as those with Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Also, this is a stone that can be very beneficial in easing hypersensitivity, nervousness, anxiety and sensory overload.
The Stone of Surfacing helps to protect and stabilise energy fields, eases tension, balances blood pressure and strengthens the body’s defence system against harmful changes (such as cell and tissue changes).
This stone is a Marcassite from Le Cap Blanc Nez in France. They remind me of the Prophecy Stones that Robert Simmons writes about on page 298 in his book, (The book of Stones).

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