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Product Description

Tiger Tail Jasper

Weighs 10.9 grams

Measures 40mm x 25mm x 5mm

Tiger Tail Jasper is a unique and visually striking mineral that combines yellow and orange jasper with the grounding presence of hematite. This captivating stone originates from Mexico and is known for its beautiful blend of colours and patterns.

Tiger Tail Jasper is believed to offer several beneficial properties to those who work with it. The jasper component is said to promote harmony and balance, while helping to alleviate fears and anxiety. Its soothing energy is thought to bring a sense of calm and stability to one's life.

The hematite content in Tiger Tail Jasper provides additional grounding properties and is known for its potential to benefit the blood. Hematite's influence can help anchor the wearer or user, providing a solid foundation from which to operate both mentally and physically.

Incorporating Tiger Tail Jasper into your life, whether through meditation, or other forms of energy work, can help to align and harmonise your personal energy. Its multifaceted properties make it a versatile and supportive stone for those seeking a sense of peace and stability.


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Product Code TS 42