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Tisbury Starred Agate 26

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Tisbury Starred Agate

Weighs 32.3 grams
Measures 70mm x 40mm x 5mm

This Star Agate is found in the Jurassic region of Tisbury in Wiltshire and is unique to Britain. Combining both fossil and coral it is not surprising to find that it is also known under various other names such as Star Coral or Star Flint.

Working with this crystal aids the awakening of lost memories and knowledge from deep within. Take a gentle journey back to a favourite beach, visualise the sands of time shifting silently with the ebb of the tides that lap gently onto land, leaving behind the secrets of an underwater world for those curious enough to unfold its long lost mysteries. The marine life such as Whales and Dolphins (from Sirius) maintain the vibration of our waters and reconnect with soul energy.

In the world of today, there is much discussion regarding climate change and the rising waters of our oceans and seas. Yet at the same time, waters recede to reveal lost land rising from the depths in much the same way as the tides slowly ebb to and fro giving us insight into not only how our world once was, but also how mankind once functioned.

This is where working with Star Agate connects to the lost land of Atlantis, where working with crystals for both healing and spiritual purposes was common. It is said that Atlanteans were gifted with having 12 chakras and active strands of DNA but as the frequency of Atlantis declined, 5 chakras and 10 strands of DNA were lost, (known today as junk DNA) meaning that both psychic and spiritual powers were forgotten. Tisbury Starred Agate aids in the reactivation of the cellular knowledge of this ancient wisdom working together in the awakening from the slumbers of time, ready for humanity to emerge whole once again.

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