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Tumble stones Beginning with: A
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Actinolite in Quartz
Actinolite in Quartz is, used as a shield. Others have noted it use to keep one on a chosen path, promoting a feeling of self worth, and developing a sense of responsibility.
Known as Angel Wing Alunite - Angel Wing is a stone that can help balance yin/yang, physical and emotional energies as well as environmental energies, bringing unbalanced or dysfunctional energies into harmony.
Amazonite represents prosperity. A gentle friendly, calming, soothing stone, which opens throat, heart, and solar plexus Chakra.
Amber Amber The ‘Energy Purifier’, this fossilized resin will break through many negative and dense unwanted build up of energy that has collected over time in any situation, being or place.
"The Prophet Stone". Amblygonite's name comes from the Greek words for "blunt angles" in allusion to its variously angled cleavages.
Amergreen is a combination of purple Amethyst & Prasiolite.
The ‘Stone of Spiritual Wisdom, holding a beautiful, mesmerizing and spiritual energy, Ametrine is a true and enlightened gift to all.
Amphibole The ‘Stone of Equality’, this stone help’s bring together those who often feel different to others around them, bringing together the male and female as a balanced energy, bringing an understanding of fairness and of equality.
Ancestralite literally sinks down through the layers of the past to reach the core going right down to the racial and collective levels.
As its name suggests, Angelite is said to help attune the user with the angelic realm and to facilitate angelic contact.
Apache Gold
The ‘Calling Stone’, opens the being to the voice within and all around. Apache Gold speaks volumes. It is a stone of grace and of peace, a stone that has an ever growing wisdom, that opens the gates to the callings of countless other beings.
Aqualite (Apatite in Quartz)
Blue Apatite helps creativity, ease apathy, sorrow, and anger, allowing us to focus on more joyful times
Aquamarine is used for many healing applications,for example strengthening and healing, to calming and balancing.
Atlantisite is an outstanding stone for meditation enabling you to both access and retrieve ancient wisdom and information about past lives.
Auralite 23
Auralite 23, brings forth reminder of the positive connections from the self to other beings, to paths and ways of life, and to places that bring inner peace and serenity.
Aztec Also know as Royal Purple Aztec Chalcedony.
Azurite-Malachite is a combination of Azurite and Malachite and as such brings together the properties of both stones. Initiates transformation, aids clarity and understanding in vision.
Blue Apatite
Blue Apatite helps creativity, ease apathy, sorrow, and anger, allowing us to focus on more joyful times. It can help reduce irritability and aggression, helping us to accept and feel love toward even the most difficult people. Helps to expand knowledge, clear mental confusion and achieve a deeper meditative state. It stimulates the development of clairvoyance.
Blue Aragonite
Blue Aragonite The ‘Stone of Solitude’, holding a deep rooted peaceful and spiritual energy, Blue Aragonite encourages the time when one must step away from the crowd and take Solitude.
Blue Lace Agate
Helps to focus on the inner source of love within you that transforms and heals all wounds. Contains the qualities of flight, air, movement, and grace.
Blue Moss Agate
Blue Moss Agate is excellent for opening the throat Chakra, it helps you say what you want to say! Being able to express yourself is a wonderful gift.
Brandenberg Amethyst
Brandenberg Quartz is an amazing mixture of stones (Amethyst, Citrine, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz & Cacoxanite).
Electric Blue Agate    
The 'Stone of Oxygen', this stone is fantastic to oxygenate the blood, is very useful for the being who participates in fast paced and strenuous activities.
Fire Agate
Fire Agate Fire Agate Fire has a feel of passion and excitement to it. It gives a sense of new beginnings, a little treasure !
Green Amethyst
Green Amethyst The ‘Quest Stone’, a key for the seer and the seeker. “Footsteps shall be imprinted where they need only be gained from”.
Lilac Amethyst 
Very delicate Lilac Amethyst, ​​​​​​​perfect size to rub across your forehead if you suffer from a headaches.
Pink Agate
Pink Agate is excellent for stabilising, balancing, calming and relaxing the body. is excellent for stabilising, balancing, calming and relaxing the body.
Prasiolite Chevron Amethyst
Prasiolite Chevron Amethyst Chevron Amethyst displays v-shaped chevrons of yellow and white Quartz that “seep” into beautiful layers.
Sieber Agate
Sieber Agate Although called “Agate” Sieber Agate is formed when copper is being extracted from copper ore.
Snake Skin Agate
Snakeskin Agate is a curious variety of Agate found in Utah, USA. It is found in extraordinary shapes. When the surface is polished it can appear very similar to snakeskin, hence the name.
Yellow Crazy Lace Agate
Crazy Lace Agate is good for transmutation, helps with the emotion of acceptance,It brings laughter and absorbs emotional pain.
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ABOUT Tumble stones Beginning with: A

Tumble stones & Healing Crystals for Crystal Healing

Tumble Stones Beginning with: A

Tumble stones and healing Crystals from all around the world, excellent for crystal healing and  crystal therapy.

All the crystals and tumbled stones in this section have with one thing in common:  They begin with the letter A.