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Tumble stones Beginning with: G
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Almandine Garnets in Pyroxene
Almandine Garnets in Pyroxene The “stone of commitment” Almandine Garnets in Pyroxene can provide insights and can assist us to achieve your personal goals .
Gabbro Stones
Gabbro Stone This peaceful stone is extremely supportive and deeply grounded. It plugs you into the earth and puts a protective shield around you cutting out Wi-Fi and electro magnetic pollution and negative energies.
The ‘Stone of Charisma’, helps the being to become more charismatic in daily life, as well as encouraging the use of positivism and wisdom to inspire not only the self, but to also inspire those all around the self. Galaxyite brings forth positive feeling, and positive influence. It is a stone that teaches of living on a path filled with inspiration, wisdom and light.
Garnierite helps invigorate your standpoint; it uplifts your life force with its light, gentle vibrational energy.
Greenlandite was discovered in the 1960s during the survey of the large iron deposit, Isukasia north of Nuuk.
Grossular Garnet
The ‘Stone of Surrounding Tranquillity’, helps the being to find tranquillity and peace not just within, but from surroundings, from that which is all around.
Grossularite Garnet
Grossularite Garnet will benefit new business ventures, promoting growth and warm client contact.
The ‘Stone of Transition’, holds a pure and supporting energy that helps the being in times of transition and change.
Hessonite Garnet in Wollastonite Matrix
Hessonite Garnet represents Rahu, the ascending node of the moon. Its natural significations include worldly desires, worldly benefits, laziness, gratification, and ignorance.
Limestone Garnet
Limestone Garnet These tumbled Limestone Garnets have a brownish-orange colour with a circular pattern in. The Garnet is embedded in a whitish limestone’s with dark gray areas.
Pink Girasol
Pink Girasol brings transparency, is good for visualizing, creative work and directing energy such as Reiki or distant healing.
Rhodolite Garnet
The ‘Stone of Passion’, helps to re-awaken and restore passion where it is called upon the most.
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ABOUT Tumble stones Beginning with: G

Tumble stones & Healing Crystals for Crystal Healing

Tumble stones and healing Crystals from all around the world, excellent for crystal healing and crystal therapy.

Tumble Stones Beginning with: G

All the crystals and tumbled stones in this section have with one thing in common:  They begin with the letter G.