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Tumble stones Beginning with: O
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Kiwi Opal
The 'Stone of Nurturing', helps instil feelings of inner peace and serenity, as well not only teaching the being to nurture themselves, others and relationships, but also giving a sense direction on how to do so.
Mexican Blue Opal
Mexican Blue Opals have a very gentle, supportive and nurturing energy. Perfect to work with when you are experience challenging situations, they help you become calmer, wiser and stronger.
Orbiculite (Orbicular Granite ) Orbicular granite (also known as orbicular rock or orbiculite) is an uncommon plutonic rock type which is usually granitic in composition.
Pink Opal
Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity.
Platinum Obsidian
​​​​​​​Platinum Obsidian is an excellent crystal for clearing any "emotional imbalances" or "garbage", you are carrying, that no longer serve you well.
Purple Obsidian
This crystal looks like a clear piece of glass with some “wispy clouds” that are a very delicate shade of purple
Rose Opal
Rose Opal helps us to release us from our hang-ups and allows us to express ourselves openly, illuminating our true character and personality
Spider-web Obsidian
Spider-web Obsidian The ‘Stone of Self-Freedom’, allows the freedom for belief systems and faiths to be searched and followed, with the offers of guidance, security and an all round understanding.
Sugar Opal from Andamooka
Sugar Opal is permeable matrix Opal which originates from Andamooka, South Australia. 
White Opal
White Opal The 'Stone of Freedom', helps the being to find release from inhibitions, fears and conditioning; to free the mind, body and spirit.
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Blue Obsidian
Blue Onyx
Moss Opal
Onyx pebbles
Yellow Opal
ABOUT Tumble stones Beginning with: O

Tumble stones & Healing Crystals for Crystal Healing

Tumble Stones Beginning with: O

Tumble stones and healing Crystals from all around the world, excellent for crystal healing and  crystal therapy.

All the crystals and tumbled stones in this section have with one thing in common:  They begin with the letter O.