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Unique Crystal Readings ​with Luisa​​​​​​

Having grown up close to the earth with a passion for crystals, thousands have passed through my hands over the years. In parallel, I developed increasing capacities as a natural intuitive, healer and guide to self-actualisation.

Over twenty years ago I was at party where the table was decorated with an array of various small crystals.  After dinner, I was led to ask the person next to me to put her hands in the crystals and move them around. In that moment, they spoke to me and gave a photograph of what was happening to that person. (Much to her surprise!)

Inspired, I collected my own box of small crystals from all over the world through my travels and spiritual experiences. Amongst my other modalities for accessing intuition, they became very popular. Through the years, people from far and wide have asked me to look into my crystals in search of guidance. 

I had a profound spiritual experience at a Crystalline Portal in Glastonbury more than ten years ago and, since then, my intuitive resonance with crystals has grown clearer and deeper. I believe the centre of our earth is one huge crystal; this is why we are often attracted to crystals: they remind us of our core centre resonating with Earth’s core.

My approach is authentic, with my feet firmly planted on the ground. I invite you to share my attitude of acceptance of things as they really are. There is a natural qualifying process for alignment within a crystal reading; life presents challenges, are you willing to change your perspective?

Please note that I do not communicate with the deceased, and I reserve the right to refuse a reading.

Contact to book a session on, starting from £50 for half an hour.

Your crystal reading can be tailored to suit your specific needs: a view on your present situation, any questions you may have to the universe, and suggest or confirm crystals for your own personal development.




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