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Various Calcites
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Clear Optical Calcite
Clear Optical Calcite AKA Iceland Spar Optical Calcite works to clear and stimulate all of the chakras, refining the flow of energy throughout the subtle bodies.
Honey Calcite
Honey Calcite The ‘Stone of Imagination’, supports the being in opening and understanding the mind, helps to increase thought capacity and strengthen the memory, whilst bringing forth improvement within higher awareness.
Honey Calcite with Okenite
Okenite The 'Stone of Divine Source', holding a strong, yet gentle energy, Okenite can help open the mind to a deeper connection with the Divine and the self.
Yellow Calcite
Yellow calcite helps you believe in yourself and recognise opportunities that come your way. It benefits the stomach, upper intestines, upper back and upper spine.
ABOUT Various Calcites

Optical Calcite

Calcite is an energy amplifier, it will release electrical impulses when placed under pressure.  It is understood that it will help you remember information that was explored during astral travel and channeling experiences. In addition it helps the body to remember the state of flawlessness during time of illness in order to return to the natural state of health.