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Veracruz Amethyst Pendant

Weighs 6.1 grams
Measures 35mm including the bail.

Veracruz Amethyst is found in the mountainous area of the State of Veracruz Mexico

Veracruz Amethyst

Veracruz Amethyst provides a channel for earth energies to connect with the spiritual. It has a lighter, more vibrant energy than other Amethyst with an angelic connection.

It has a very strong Third Eye to Crown Chakra alignment, making it ideal for working or meditating on a high spiritual level, or opening the Third Eye for psychic development.

Veracruz Amethyst is also excellent scrying aide which activates the crown chakra. It is the crystal of spirituality and contentment, assisting one to connect with pure peace humanities natural state of existence.

Veracruz Amethyst opens intuition and spiritual wisdom. 

Melody writes :-

Veracruz Amethyst are said to provide an immediate Beta State. In addition Veracruz Amethyst provide for stimulation of the throat chakra, subsequently providing a calming effect, stimulating the heart Chakra , then providing a calming effect.

Stroking the Veracruz Amethyst brings energy emission - placement on the arm also provides for tranquillity.



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Product Code PEN 1826