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Vibrational Sprays

This range of sprays are made using the vibrational qualities of crystals. Made in pure quartz crystal singing bowls, the healing and balancing properties of gems and crystals are instilled into purified water. Each crystal has different properties which are used to create powerful essences for different needs.

 These sprays  are created to clear the energy field around the body, the aura, and raise the vibration. They can be used to lighten your mood and raise your energy, almost instantly. They are ideal as a preparation for meditation, healing, or other energy work, and to increase your sense of well being. They can be used as room sprays to raise energy in a room. They can be used to uplift or re-energise a room whenever it feels heavy or dense.

Profits raised through the sale of these sprays are used to support the World Peace Flame. 
The World Peace Flame was created in 1999 by the Life Foundation, when seven Flames of Peace were lit on five continents, flown across the oceans and united into one. Across the globe, people are using the World Peace Flame to bring an extra dimension of peace, clarity and kindness into their homes, workplaces, schools, hospitals and places of worship. It is being presented to international decision makers and installed in monuments in major cities. Millions of people and places around the world have now taken lights from the World Peace Flame including the Pope, and the Dalai Lama.

Please Note :-

The sprays are only available for customers in the UK