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Violan Stud Earrings

Weighs 1.8 grams

Violan is a very rare pale blue stone, similar to Larimar or Angelite. It that carries a very soft energy that is very calming and soothing. 

It is suggested that Violan can be used to assist in the release of Karmic residue so we can move forward unhindered by the past. It brings peace and harmony to both the home and workplace, allowing healing to take place where needed. In meditation Violan helps connections to several different worlds including Atlantis. Although this crystal is rare when you find it, know that you have been blessed and chosen to complete great work on this planet at this time.

Coloured by large amounts of manganese, Violane (also Violan) is a rare variety of Diopside.

It first discovered at the Prabornaz Mine at Saint Marcel in Italy’s Aosta Valley. The original name is Violan, coined in 1838 by August Breithaupt for its colour. However, in 1867 Thomas Allison Readwin in ‘Index to Mineralogy’, misspelled the name with an ‘e’ at the end. Today, both spellings are used. 


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