Vivianite 1

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Weighs 22.1 Grams
Measures 40mm x 25mm

The ‘Stone of Communication’, helps the being towards the improvement of communications from the self within the Earth and spirit realms.

Vivianite brings a promise of heightened awareness where communications lay. It is stone to bring light to thought, to imagination, speech and lingual learning.

“A stone that may shed a tear yet bring a shed of light. The glimmer of hope. A moment of awakening. A Voice”

This is a stone that helps to improve lingual learning and techniques in the young and in old, in the seekers and in the finders. A stone that encourages one to speak with truth and with wisdom.

Vivianite resonates with both the Third eye and Throat Energy centres. Helping to open one to higher communications to bring wisdom and guidance for oneself as well as for communicating with others. Also helping one to communicate with ease and courage.

A stone to point one in the most beneficial direction in facing difficult or uneasy communications with others so that a position of contentment can be created of knowing when to communicate, when their may not even be a need, as well as bringing positive direction and a focus point.

Vivianite can be kept as a talisman for all, it is a stone that helps even the youngest being to communicate with a sense of peace and security in the fitting way to ability.

Where there are Throat conditions commonly associated with the blockage of the Energy centre associated with this area, Vivianite can help ease and heal as well being a preventative to the formation of such upset before hand. Also, this stone can clear inflammation of the eyes and cataracts, improve the memory and liver function, as well as be used in the curing and preventing of headaches brought on by numerous conditions and upsets such as sinus pressure, tension and migraine. With the bodies whole energy, Vivianite brings forth calming and neutralising to a fiery and harsh aura.

This stone supports and guides the being during dream state to gain helpful insight, as well as raising opportunity for lucid dreaming in order for healing, releasing fears and letting go of worries.  

Vivianite can help the being to see the truth, peacefully removing veils of mistruth, deception and denial. This is a stone that promotes clear seeing in all areas of life. 

Also a stone can help to settle and heal the spiritually and emotionally sensitive. Vivianite works personally when it is called upon if the being has had to face and witness upsetting situations.

Alongside such a collection of offerings, Vivianite can be used to calm and settle animals who are nervous or stressed, simply by keeping close by them, or even on a collar but all in a safe manner.

“All beings hold one thing in common, one thing that will not change or be broken. All have a spirit, a soul. A need for nurture, a need for peace. There is a Universal energy that is all around and within; Something that is always present with all Divine creations”

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