Vogesite 34

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Weighs 13.7 grams
Measures 20mm x 20mm

The ‘Stone of Innocence’, offering true support, guidance and wisdom for all throughout life’s wondrous and intriguing stages, step by step, hand in hand, soul to soul. 
Vogesite is a stone to help one to find where one has been, where one is at, and where one can be in life. A stone to open the mind to explore the past, present and future, onwards to opening the body to explore the feeling of emotions, the hopes and the fears, and finally opening the spirit to grow and strengthen, to journey onwards to enlightenment and freedom. 
This stone help’s one to know what of the past need’s to be learnt from, and what of the past need’s to be let go of, so that looking at the here and now becomes clearer, ready for one to take the new step’s to the future. 
“If one shall become afraid, I shall become the safety.. if one shall become wary, I shall become the strength.. If one shall become lost, I shall become the guide” 
Vogesite brings new hope, new strength, new encouragement, it is a stone for the re-born of oneself to life. A stone to help one break un-needed habit’s, helping one to step forward instead of backwards. 
Also a stone to bring back the energies that one hold’s in the very beginning of one’s life, where the ‘innocence’ of the mind, the body and the soul are not conditioned or under “corruption”, to awaken the ‘child’ and true spirit in all.
Vogesite teaches one to search and find comfort from within, to be at ease with one’s own inner mother and inner father, to give one the capability of own nurturing. 
A stone to help one to heal inner scarring and inner hurt as well as helping one to release feeling’s of being “tainted”. This is a very beneficial stone for the being who has suffered abuse of any kind, especially where the being feel’s the childhood had been taken away. Vogesite brings back the warmth and ‘innocence’ associated with a happy childhood, so that the being in such a situation can then explore this and gently let go of pain, have acceptance, and walk forward’s. 
“I am the Mother yet I am the Father, I am the child yet I am the adult, I am the old yet I am the new”
Vogesite help’s beings of all ages to journey through life, with guidance on what is of benefit and what is to be gently passed by.  
This really is a beautiful and special stone for all. 
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