White Agate 8

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White Agate

Weighs 16.7 grams

Measures 30mm x 20mm

The 'Stone of New Life', comforts and fills the being with pure, loving and nurturing energies.

Agates are a well recognised family of stones that tend to be very settling and stabling. They can be called upon in for many areas of the being; mind, body and spirit; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually without falter. Agates are centred and grounded, they are stones that get to work quickly but don't over stimulate their keepers, or become to over-powering. Although Agates do come in differing forms, the undertones do remain the same.

White Agate is perfect for use during pregnancy to encourage bonding between mother and baby to start forming from the earliest of stages.

This stone can continue to be used after the birth, to help strengthen the ever growing bond and encourage nurturing at its best.

White Agate resonates gently with the Crown energy centre because of its purity, but can also be called upon for the body's other minor and major energy centres to bring harmony and correct over-stimulation.

This stone is also beneficial to beings that are new to meditation and healing connected to the body and its energy centres.

White Agate helps the being to instil purity and harmony in all areas of life. It is a stone that teaches of the benefits connected to such ways, as well as peacefulness and stillness. 

A stone that encourages the being enjoy as much of life as they can, to take in the beauty of each day and to recognise and respect every other form of life around the themselves.  

White Agate teaches of the importance of bonds between beings, and speaks of not just loving and respecting those around the self, but also loving and respecting the self.

This stone can help to settle nervousness, panic attacks and anxiety, as well as settling emotions, anger, tension and stress. ​​​​​​​

White Agate brings hope towards a more beautiful future, and teaches of the importance of having and showing love and gratefulness for New Life.

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