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White Opal The 'Stone of Freedom', helps the being to find release from inhibitions, fears and conditioning; to free the mind, body and spirit.
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White Opal

Weighs 33.8 grams
Measures 40mm x 30mm
The 'Stone of Freedom', helps the being to find release from inhibitions, fears an conditioning, to free the mind, body and spirit.
Opal is a mysterious stone with a particularly noticeable yet gently shimmering vibrational rate. Its energies are vibrant and passionate, yet gentle and caring. Opal is a stone that can be absorbent as much as it can be reflective, it can be a mirror to the whole self both inner and outer. This stone seemingly moulds itself to its keeper, becoming a part of the being rather resting as a part separate from the being.

Opal feels joy with its keeper just as much as sadness, it follows every smile to every tear. It shimmers within each dream of its keeper, to each waking moment of its keeper. Often dreamy just to gaze upon, Opal can be a dream to bond with. In its different forms Opal does have differing offerings, yet its undertones remain the same.
White Opal removes darkness and negativity. It is a stone that helps to lighten the way ahead, removing confusion and clutter.
A stone that calms the soul, bringing peace and serenity. White Opal helps to neutralize energy fields and can also sooth down a fiery temper.
Alongside this, White Opal teaches of universal acceptance and peace between all beings. It is a stone that works to remove unnecessary divides.
Call upon White Opal during times of stress, when one needs calm and the ability to see clearly in order to manage the situation with more ease.
This stone supports the being in removing inhibition in all different areas of life, as well helping this be done with inner calm and acceptance.
White Opal encourages the good in all. It is a stone that guides the being towards light and positivism; teaching that one can let go of fears and conditioning to be free as one wishes. Also a stone that encourages creativity and positive self-expression.
Use White Opal to keep the calm and balance when an agreement or compromise is a struggle to be found. It is a stone that can clear the air of mixed and clashing energies, whilst working to help beings to settle differences peacefully.
White Opal can help to bring neutral grounds between different belief systems so that beings can better connect with one another.
A stone that can soften hectic dream states, curb nightmares and ease sleep paralysis. Alongside this, White Opal can help stop depression in its tracks, as well as prevent the onset of depression in the first place in the being who is sensitive in this area.
White Opal can help to minimise arguing and teach beings to be more sharing with one another. It helps to remove the need for constant competition, materialism and envy.
This is a stone that can help ease mental health disorders, hyperactivity, hypochondria, headaches, tension, anxiety and nervousness. Alongside this, White Opal can help ease Asthma and other obstructive respiratory conditions, as well as strengthening the lungs.
A stone that can be a great help to bring peace, acceptance and support.
White Opal encourages simplicity.

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