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Window Quartz

The Window Quartz Crystal is recognized by the presence of a diamond-shaped “window” located in the centre front of the crystal, such that the top point of the diamond connects with the line leading directly to the termination, the side points connect with angles forming the opposing faces, and the bottom point connects with a line leading to the base of the crystal.

Window crystals will come to a person when he/she is willing to honestly look within the self and to accept the truth.  
Examples of two techniques for accessing the window crystal, in order to gain insight into per-specified areas of concern or in order to receive random information from the spirit keeper of the crystal, are as follows:
Still the mind, initiate circular breathing, relax, and gaze into the inside of the crystal, via the window.  The window will reflect, back to the mind, the impressions, colours, and feelings of the auricbody.
Close the eyes, clear the mind, and mentally focus on the specific aspect in which there is a desire to find a greater perspective.  Project that image into the window, then clear the mind and place the window on the area of the third-eye.  Visual scenes will be manifested to you.  With these visual scenes, one can more easily look within oneself, within a situation, or within a relationship.

These crystals may also be used to:
Read the aura of another person by placing the window toward the person and then turning it toward your third-eye; and, assist one in defining the life purpose of the self or another person by facilitating the “seeing” of the interims between lifetimes when decisions were
made with respect to which experiences were necessary to fulfil the destiny of that individual;
When working with others [i.e. as above], it is extremely important to clear the mind and centre the self so that you do not cloud the issues and answers with personal judgments and beliefs.  Clarity of the mind is necessary to ensure total reproduction of the message without any subtle self-held interferences.

Window crystals have also been used to locate “missing persons” and lost items by projecting a clear image of the person or item into the crystal and then accepting the subsequent information.
Original text from Melody “Love is in the earth”