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Witch Stone 19

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Witch Stone

Weighs 8 grams

Measures 20mm x 15mm 

Witch Stone
The 'Stone of Clear Seeing', helps one to "see" within and all around with increased clarity and understanding.  
Witch stone opens the inner eye to seeing the true self as well as the true self of others. It is a stone that removes the shroud where it needs removing, and clears away the mist and cloud from inner vision and helps to increase intuition.  
This stone can be kept close by to ward away negative energies and threat, by "showing" that ones inner vision and intuition is alive to clear seeing and truth recognition.  
Witch stone helps one to trust in oneself, and it can give strength and clarity to the clairvoyant. As well as being a protector overall to any being both human and animal kind, Witch stone can give extra protection when the clairvoyant sense is in use.  
A stone that helps ease away nightmares and self negativity. Also a stone that can be placed anywhere around the sleeping area, to act as a ‘dream catcher’ and to attract positive blessing through dreams.  
Witch stone has an attraction by faeries and if placed around windows of the home, it can let the fae know that they are welcome to visit. One can also leave small notes attached to the Witch stone or through the stone to ask the fae for friendship and even help, if oneself or a loved one is in need.  
A stone that strengthens hope in the world that cannot be "seen" by so many. Witch stone can be infused with thoughts and messages to all that is a part of this unseen world, but only connects to that of positive nature.  
Witch stone is a good to give to children but it must be kept with them in a safe manner only. The stone encourages positive imagination, brings courage and helps the child to feel a part of all.  
A stone that can be given to the being, both human and animal kind, when the time has come for passing, on passing or after the passing. Witch stone brings comfort and reassurance to them as well helping them to cross into, and settle within the next world.  
“Behind the cloud is light, behind the light is love”  
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