Yellow Apatite Pendant 4

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Yellow Apatite Pendant

Weighs 6.3 Grams
Measures 40mm including the bail.

The ‘Stone of Harmony’, holding pure and protective energy that is wholly soothing, calming and harmonizing.

Apatite is an earthy stone somewhat similar in its overall offerings to the Tourmaline family. It is a stone that holds a lot of potential and is a medicine box in its self. Apatite supports, guides and heals the being on all levels, in numerous areas. Although Apatite comes in quite a few different forms, its undertones remain the same.

Apatite is a stone to sooth fear and to protect one against being targeted by anger. Also a stone to strengthen the bodies natural energy field to an almost solid state, as soon as it is needed. 

This is a stone to bring harmony and balance where ever it is kept or placed. Very good to take away further threat of argument in already tense atmospheres.

Apatite can help to lesson the Crown centres energy to a more stable and manageable state, when one has possibly become to open to outside forces in this area. 

Despite this, Apatite helps bring Angelic guidance, especially focused on Angelic being’s that are directly attuned to harmony. Also a stone to help one open to the “sound” of the Angelic realms, such as the often reported beautiful music and harmonious sound that seems to come from within oneself and all around. 

This is a stone to help one to find a more stable day to day life, taking away clutter and hectic ways, bringing a more focused mind. With this offering, Apatite is a very good stone to guide one on clearing the mind ready for meditational practice, which can very often be a difficult process to follow.

Place Apatite by areas of rest to bring a more harmonious sleep pattern and to also protect from nightmares and ward off any threatening negative energies that may be in the atmosphere. 

Apatite is beneficial in aiding one to come to terms with potentially distressing or confusing happenings. Keep close by at all times in such situations. 

“What will be will be, one will find Harmony in true acceptance” 

A stone to help the being get themselves back in harmony after shock to the system, such as grievance or illness. 

Apatite is a stone to bring comfort and harmony to the being who suffers from chronic fatigue and deep discomfort illnesses, such as MS and Fibromalgia. 

Apatite also helps in the battle against bone deformities, ranging from minimal or acute cases. Helping to bring a more healthy state back to the inner cavities of bone in order to stop abnormal growth. It helps to keep the outer of the bone smooth and accordance with the bodies needful state. 

This is a good stone for not absorbing, yet it gives out strong energy and completely deflects what is of harmful potential, it is a stone of its own protection as well as its keeper.

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