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Yellow Fluorite

This example is from Sidi Said Morocco.

Weighs 24.5 grams
Measures 25mm x 20mm

It is suggested that  Fluorite is one of Nature’s most powerful mental healers. Many  who have experienced the power of Fluorite have labelled it the Genius Stone. It is a superb stone to have with you when studying as it focuses the mind and dispels mind chatter it has the ability to influence the activities that occur on the mental plane of consciousness and amplifies, focuses, expands and creates new pathways for the mind.

Other properties include discernment of truth and clear decision-making, bringing order to mental chaos, increasing objectivity, enhancing creativity, curing mental disorders, easing meditation and freeing one from bad habits. 

Yellow Fluorite is linked with the solar plexus chakra, influencing various aspects of mental and emotional well-being:

Yellow Fluorite is renowned for its potential to enhance mental clarity, concentration, and overall focus. This crystal is thought to clear mental fog and distractions, allowing individuals to sharpen their cognitive abilities. By incorporating yellow fluorite into daily practices or meditation, one may experience improved attention to detail, making it easier to navigate tasks and achieve goals with precision.

Linked to the solar plexus chakra, Yellow Fluorite is associated with personal empowerment and creative expression. As individuals engage with this crystal, it is believed to unlock channels of creativity, encouraging innovative thinking and artistic exploration. Whether used during brainstorming sessions or artistic endeavours, Yellow Fluorite may serve as a catalyst for tapping into and expressing one's unique creative potential.

The solar plexus chakra governs personal power, confidence, and self-esteem. Yellow Fluorite is viewed as a supportive companion on the journey to accessing inner strength and assertiveness. Through meditation or intentional use, this crystal is thought to bolster a sense of personal power, helping individuals overcome challenges, make decisions with confidence, and navigate life's complexities with a strong and empowered mindset.

In summary, Yellow Fluorite is not merely associated with these qualities, but it is believed to actively contribute to them when incorporated into various practices, providing a holistic approach to mental clarity, creativity, and personal power.




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