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Yellow Jasper Pendulum 3

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Yellow Jasper Pendulum

Weighs 15.9 grams
Measures 35mm

The ‘Stone of Inner Clearance’, stimulates the bodies entire system to clear physical or energy toxin build up so that a very noticeable improvement can come to light.
Jasper overall is a stone that works on improving the self both inner and outer, so that a better future is ahead all round. It is a family of stones that each have a set area to work upon. It lifts the spirit, stimulates and balances energy centres, encourages positive natures and heals in many ways. In its different forms it does have different offerings, yet with the same undertones.
Yellow Jasper builds up its energy with its keeper, moving around the body to pick up where toxin clearance is needed. It is a stone that can be tried as a last resort when all else fails.
This is a stone that encourages the bodies digestive system to work well. It also stimulates the kidneys to be able clear out toxin healthily, as well as helping to clear bloat and ease off upsets of the stomach area.
Yellow Jasper can be helpful in clearing blocks within the bodies energy centres alongside other resonating Jasper forms to each one. It does have a direct focus to the Solar Plexus energy centre, and can be asked upon to calm it down a level if it is over active and causing upset, as well as clearing any unhealthy attachments.
A stone that is helpful in lifting the ‘weight of the world’ off ones shoulders. Yellow Jasper can be called upon to remove heavy energies, as well as bringing steady release from worries.
Please be aware, this is a stone that will benefit from being cleansed and charged on a suited basis. Yellow Jasper is a stone that speaks out to its keeper when this is needed, rather than leaving it to guess work. This comes in ways such as it feeling heavy, both from its energy and physical self. Appearing dull in complexion, or seeming to slow down in its energy output. Be aware that the slowing down may mean it is not needed so much anymore, this will become known if the slowing remains after cleansing and charging.
Yellow Jasper helps to lift up a low mood and remove the ‘dark clouds’. 
Use Yellow Jasper to calm sudden outbursts of emotion linked to the Solar Plexus energy centre. Keep close by to ward these times off if it is a common occurrence.
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