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Z Stone 3

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Z  Stone

Weighs 38.3 grams
Measures 40mm x 30mm

Z-Stone (Limonite after Marcasite) from Sahara dessert.

Robert Simmons writes:
‘For those who wish to travel inter dimensionally and explore the subtle realms of consciousness, Z Stones could provide an interesting ticket. 
They powerfully stimulate the third eye and crown chakra, although they do not immediately take one ‘up’ to the angelic realms. Instead, it is as though the Z stones widen one’s awareness, allowing one to see and explore the nearer realms which are normally overlooked in our everyday state.

The astral realm can be readily accessed with Z Stones. Another more rarefied realm, that of the ‘living geometries’ can be reached by using Z Stones along with meditative focus on the Merkaba or other forms of sacred Geometry.

‘At the mention of the Merkaba, I am reminded of the type of inter dimensional travel that utilises the ‘Merkaba Vehicle of Light’. This is visualised as two counter-rotating tetrahedrons, extending above, through and below the body, with one’s heart at the centre.

If one works to visualise this energetic vehicle while holding a Z Stone at the third eye, one may experience a much quicker and vivid transition to the ‘travelling’ state. With this vehicle, one can potentially move, as a point of consciousness, anywhere in the universe, almost instantaneously.
Such travel may be the most dramatic utilization of the Z Stones it can be helpful for those wishing to work with elemental energies. They can be excellent tools for working magically, especially in the area of sympathetic magic. When one works with Z Stone to focus awareness and will, the connection between the subject and the magical talisman is readily made. 

Those using Z Stone are urged to work with a focused positive intention. Without an intention, these stones may simply make one ‘high’. It may be easier to keep the beneficial focus if one combines the Z Stone with a spiritually attuned stone such as Danburite, Anandalite, Rosophia or Azeztulite. For certain, Z Stones are powerful, and their energies are rather freewheeling, so one is advised to have a purpose in mind when beginning to work with them. Staying centred in the heart is most helpful.

Remember to keep a grounding/protective stone such as Black Tourmaline, Black Andradite Garnet, Guardian Stone or Merlinite nearby.

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