Zincite 2

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Weight 5.8 grams

Measures 25mm x 10mm 


The ‘Hierarchy Stone’, sends out specific and very precise amounts of energy to different areas of the mind, body and spirit that are in need of support, guidance or healing. 

In the physical existence, Zincite would follow a Hierarchy like that of professionals trained into different levels and areas of Medical world. Another way of understanding is within the spirit existence, this to be seen as the role carried by the Angelic being depending on the position of Divine Hierarchy. It is a stone that clearly wishes to show what it has to offer whilst giving a fine example of how many other crystals and minerals work in the exact same way.

Zincite resonates with the body's minor and major energy centres by improving and helping they're associated functions, as well as energising them each. 

As well as this, Zincite breaks through energy blockages and brings unnecessary fear, phobia, negativity or memory to the surface for it to be healed and cleansed.

This stone improves stamina and energy levels, as well as improving courage and willpower. Zincite helps the being to face fears and phobia with determination and strength.

Alongside this, Zincite helps the being to recognise when something is bad for the wellbeing of them, whilst also instilling the necessary amount of strength to move away from what ever it may be. A stone that improves intuition and gut instinct, encouraging the sense to be used often but sensibly.

This stone holds a gentle yet deep set energy that can help with mental clarity, keeping emotion and moods stable, also encouraging the being to have a more positive and stable outlook on life.

A stone that supports closely to the middle and lower bodily functions and can be used to help the stomach, gall bladder, liver, bladder, reproductive organs, kidneys, bowel, intestines, prostate gland and colon. Alongside this, Zincite can help to give a lift to the immune system, treat impotence, treat hair loss, clear sinus infections, as well clear bladder stones and kidney stones, sexually transmitted diseases and common water infections. 

Zincite also helps in the easing and treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Immune system disorders including AIDS, Sleep disorders and depression, Zincite can be beneficial in helping the mind, body and spirit overall in such cases, as well as in lifting energy levels naturally. 

This stone helps the being to move forwards in life, making positive change where necessary. Zincite also helps the being to handle any change with a stable mind and soul, as well as acceptance.


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