Zoisite 23

Zoisite The ‘Stone of Self-Discovery’, encourages the being to be aware of the self from within, giving hope for the improvement of the present, and of the future.
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Weighs 1 gram
Measures 10mm x 5mm

 The ‘Stone of Self-Discovery’, encourages the being to be aware of the self from within, giving hope for the improvement of the present, and of the future.
Zoisite takes the being on a journey looking within the self, in the hope of self-discovery. This also can lead to a discovery of what image of the self is being projected to the outer world, as well as how the self can be improved overall.
Zoisite may come as an eye opener for some, yet this is never for misfortune, just to help the being to keep on moving forward in life with positive and compassionate intent.
Their may be personality traits of the self that are positive, as well as negative. Green Zoisite brings recognition of such traits in order for them to be explored, for either letting go of, or for being improved.
Zoisite brings a teaching that the being can be as self-desired, and not to let negativity or fears rule, but this must be true and from the heart, where compassion and peace is held. Also,  Zoisite is a stone to help in decision making that is without fear and shame, to support the being in keeping in the here and now, with a recognition of what needs to be for the current time.
Green Zoisite helps the being in soul searching and in spiritual journey's greatly. This is a stone that can be beneficial in the journey of ascension, and also teaches of trusting in the universe.
Their are many times when many hoped to have seen what is right in front of themselves. Green Zoisite is the guide here, showing what is right in front of all beings and what is necessary for the current stages of life, with the hope of improvement for the future.
Zoisite does not forget the past for it is in the past that one gains much wisdom, it only reminds one that the journey forward into the future is also part of life's process"
Green Zoisite resonates well with the Heart energy centre, also helping to connect this area to the Crown energy centre. This can help to create a more loving channel to and from the spirit realms.
This is a stone that can ground energy that becomes built up from stirring emotions and fears.  Zoisite also eases worry, anxiety and feelings of insecurity of the self. Alongside this, Zoisite helps to raise self-confidence and self-esteem, while instilling courage for the facing of fears without the wall of built up energies fear can create.
Zoisite can help very well in the treatment of mild to serious illnesses, of the stomach and spleen. Also, this stone can help in the cleaning of the stomach, and sooths inflammation of the larynx and vocal chords, making it helpful in cases of Laryngitis.
Katie Jacqueline - May 2009
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